What Is Sexual Orientation OCD?

What Is Sexual Orientation OCD?

(Formerly Known as Homosexual OCD)

OCD can manifest in different themes. Sexual Orientation (formerly known as Homosexual OCD) is a subtype of OCD categorized as a “Taboo OCD” theme.  A manifestation of OCD may be considered “taboo” when the topic is not openly discussed because it doesn’t seem socially acceptable. So, let’s talk about it and challenge this narrative!

Sexual Orientation OCD is a subtype of OCD that manifests in doubt surrounding an individual’s sexual orientation. A person may experience intrusive thoughts on what their true sexual orientation could be or fear that they are living a lie. This can cause debilitating anxiety and confusion. 

What may sexual orientation OCD look like? An individual may experience an intrusive thought about a person being attractive, that they don’t identify as their sexual preference. This can cause feelings of uncertainty, guilt and shame. This person may feel the need to find 100% certainty on their sexual preference leading to compulsions such as avoiding triggers (movies, social events, the gym), analyze their own behaviours and interactions with others, avoid dating, or checking for feelings or body sensations when exposed to triggers. 

Everyone’s experience with OCD is different and unique, but the cycle of OCD always remains characterized by obsessions (unwanted thoughts, feelings and/or images & compulsions), followed by behaviours or rituals (compulsions) done to reduce distress from obsessions. What is important to know is recovery from OCD is possible no matter what the theme!

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