Supportive Parenting for Children with OCD

Supportive Parenting for Children with OCD

Parenting is a beautiful journey filled with challenges and triumphs. One of the most trying aspects of raising children can be helping them navigate their emotions. For parents of children living with OCD, this mission can feel even more daunting. 

Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions, or SPACE, is an approach developed by Dr. Eli Lebowitz at the Yale Child Study Center, for children and adolescents living with anxiety, OCD, and related problems. This parent-based treatment is designed to empower parents and caregivers to create a nurturing environment where children can learn to face and cope with anxious emotions. During SPACE treatment, parents and caregivers learn about changes they can make to their own behaviour to help their child overcome OCD. 

Two of the most valuable learnings that parents receive in SPACE treatment are: 

1) How to respond more supportively to an anxious child.

2) How to carry-out an effective plan to reduce their own behaviours (accommodations) that unintentionally reinforce a child’s OCD-related symptoms.

By implementing the skills and tools learned in SPACE treatment, parents and caregivers will be prepared to validate their child’s emotions, while conveying confidence in the child’s ability to cope with anxiety.

At OCD North, several of our therapists have trained with Dr. Eli Lebowitz at the Yale School of Medicine, to provide this valuable therapy. To learn more, click here and book a free consultation with one of our SPACE trained therapists.

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