OCD Treatment

The first 2-3 appointments are 1-hour assessment sessions. These sessions are the foundation of the recovery process. Together with your ERP therapist, you will develop a Treatment Recovery Plan and customized, graded exposure hierarchy to target OCD. Session 4 and beyond are dedicated to Exposure and Response Prevention treatment.   Clients, families, and your therapist will work together to determine frequency of sessions and length of treatment based on progress and individual situations.  Typically, treatment lasts between 17-22 sessions.

Parent/ Family Sessions: OCD can significantly impact and burden family members, and family can influence response to treatment.  As such, these sessions are essential.  Focusing on the family,  these sessions help to cultivate the skills to facilitate recovery, reduce conflict and blame, and improve family cohesion.

*Our services are offered in-person and through a secure and privacy compliant video platform. We can reach anyone in Ontario looking for service.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

This is a more intensive treatment option.  Sessions are approximately 90 minutes in length, 5 days per week.

*Intensive Outpatient Treatment is only available in-person.


Case management:  PANS/PANDAS is a complex medical issue that can cause confusion and be intimidating to families.  From advocacy with medical professionals to ERP treatment, we can help you navigate this disorder. 

Body Focused Repetitive Behaviours

We build awareness about when, where, why and how these behaviours are occurring. Then, we implement Habit Reversal Training to reduce them. We help cultivate long-term skills to eliminate hair pulling and skin picking.

Group Support

Individuals with OCD:  Wherever you are in recovery, join us.  You’re not alone.

Parent OCD Skill Groups: Learn from others what works for their child; participate in role-play scenarios to help build your capacity to help your child fight OCD! (Complements child treatment)

Relapse Prevention Group: For those who have completed ERP treatment.  Maintain progress with peers who have been there. 

Spouses:  Living with OCD is tough on everyone.  In this group, spouses of individuals with OCD will learn how to better respond to their significant other when OCD attacks. (Complements individual treatment)