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Our clinicians are OCD and Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) specialists. We understand OCD as it manifests in the paediatric and adult populations, families, schools, and the workplace. We utilize ERP to break the cycle of OCD individually and systemically to help you achieve your goals.

OCD Treatment

Treatment is available for all those who exhibit OCD symptoms, whether symptoms are mild or severe, and appointments are typically scheduled once a week but can be increased in frequency when needed and if available.

*Our services are offered in-person and through a secure and privacy-compliant video platform.

An exposure involves confronting obsessions (including thoughts, images, objects and situations) that are distressing and cause anxiety. Exposures can be done in real life and using our imagination.
Response Prevention
Response Prevention is the act of intentionally refraining from compulsions or rituals in response to an obsession.

What is ERP Treatment for OCD?

Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP or Ex/RP) is the evidence-based, gold-standard treatment of choice for OCD. Through ERP, individuals develop the tools and skills that equip them to confront OCD fears and intentionally remain in situations or states that cause distress without doing any compulsions or rituals.

Exposure & Response Prevention (ERP).

Together with your therapist, you’ll face your fear in-real life or through your imagination. Your exposure might take place in clinic, at home, or in the community.

ERP treatment is the gold standard treatment in OCD therapy (making it one of the most effective mental health treatments around!), and our clinicians trust this treatment practice to help our clients overcome OCD every. single. day.

How does it feel to jump into a really cold swimming pool? It’s really cold at first, but before long you've forgotten how cold it was when you got in. Or consider watching your favourite scary movie over and over again. You may leave the lights on after that first viewing but eventually, the movie loses its “fear factor.”

When fearful situations are confronted while preventing all maladaptive safety behaviours, the brain learns a new, more adaptive response to that situation. This process is called habituation or inhibitory learning, and it’s really cool. That is the basis for ERP.

OCD recovery is possible through Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) treatment! At OCD North, we use ERP treatment to help you overcome OCD for one main reason – it works.

It’s almost impossible to face your fear alone, but only you can confront the OCD fear.

Think of driving: you’re in the driver’s seat and your ERP therapist is in the passenger seat.
You’re in control of the wheel and the only person that can maneuver the car, stop and go, and control the volume of the radio. In the passenger seat, your ERP therapist guides you down the dark and bumpy roads, helping you to correct your path, all the while encouraging you to confront the thing that is most fearful.

Paediatric OCD Treatment & Therapy

OCD affects up to 3% of children. Without treatment, research shows that it will develop into a chronic and lifelong condition that will disrupt family, school, extracurricular activities, and relationships. At OCD North, we employ the same Exposure and Response Prevention techniques with children as we do with adults.

Individual OCD Treatment & Therapy

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) affects 1-2% of the population. Obsessions and compulsions are the hallmarks of OCD. Obsessions are unwanted intrusive thoughts, images, or sensations. Obsessions cause compulsions, which are recurrent behaviours. OCD affects men, women, children, and people of different colours, cultures, and beliefs.

Programs & Services

Family Based (SPACE) Treatment
Family Based (SPACE) Treatment
Family sessions decrease conflict and increase support and understanding related to OCD. Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions (SPACE) is also offered, but supplemented with evidence-based best practice for OCD.
OCD-Informed Practice™ (accepting new clients)
OCD-Informed Practice™ (accepting new clients)
Run by our Intern-Led Clinic (ILC), MSW (Master of Social Work) graduate students working under the supervision of expert ERP therapists provide OCD-informed emotional support and tools to help you overcome OCD, assistance navigating community referrals, and help to implement effective coping strategies for caregivers and supportive family members.
Peer-Led Parent Support Group
Peer-Led Parent Support Group
We provide a drop-in virtual support group, for parents and guardians of children with OCD. This group takes place from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm on the last Thursday of every month!

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We Specialize in Exposure and Response Prevention
At OCD North, we use ERP treatment to help you overcome OCD for one main reason – it works.
Peer Support Program (previously known as Mentorship Support Program)
Peer Support Program (previously known as Mentorship Support Program)
Through our Peer Support Program, OCD North pairs individuals with similar experiences of OCD. Together, we provide support, encouragement, and understanding on the journey to recovery. Our aim is to break the isolation and shame often associated with OCD. Join us as we form lasting bonds and uplift each other.