You’re worried your child has OCD, or maybe your child has recently been diagnosed. Despite your well-intentioned efforts to help your child feel better and manage their anxiety and strange rituals and urges, you’re feeling stuck and don’t know what to do.

You’re not alone: Up to 3% of children experience OCD. If left untreated, research indicates it will become a chronic and lifelong disorder, affecting family, school, extracurricular activities, and relationships.

But there’s good news: We believe in recovery from OCD because the research demonstrates it is possible.

At OCD North, we use Exposure and Response Prevention for children just as we use ERP for adults, with one main difference: Parents take an active role in treatment. We educate and support parents and guardians, so you don’t have to feel hopeless when it comes to your child’s OCD experience.

Parents and guardians can expect to learn the skills and tools to facilitate recovery at home. ERP is a lot of hard work, but we’ll support you and your child through every step of the recovery journey: at home, school, and with grandparents and extended family too!

Your child can overcome OCD. And you can help them do it!

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Also, check out these myths about paediatric OCD!

Myths about paediatric OCD:

Children grow out of OCD. This is a myth. Symptoms wax and wane without treatment over the lifespan, but research does not support children growing out of OCD. Do you want to know what research does support? Children overcoming OCD through ERP therapy!

My child doesn’t want help, so we’re hopeless to help them. Not true! The way you interact with your child and respond to their OCD fears plays a significant role in their journey to recovery – whether or not they want help! Click here to learn more.