Our Vision for the Blog

Hi. I’m Merrisa, owner of OCD North. Over the last few years, I’ve gone through a lot of growth, and the clinic has done the same. My vision for the clinic – a place of community – is the finally coming to fruition. The last component, and important one, is the blog.

There is a lot of information available about OCD. What’s missing is a sense of community, a place for those suffering from OCD and their families to experience hope, feel motivated, and seek inspiration.

I was this blog to reach the 350,00 individuals in Ontario alone living with OCD; those who are accessing treatment and those who are not. You’re all part of the OCD North community too.

As therapists, April and I have a unique insight into the OCD community. Every day, we bear witness to stories of suffering, resilience and resolve. Still, OCD impacts many and is spoken about by few – until now. Our new-and-improved blog will bring our clinical insights together with client narrative to form a community of collective recovery and empowerment.

We hope you’ll join our online community,