OCD-Informed Practice ™

OCD-Informed Practice ™

OCD-Informed Practice™ in Ontario, Alberta, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

Better than talk therapy, but not as good as ERP, OCD-informed practice is a cost-effective alternative to exposure and response prevention.
OCD-Informed Practice™ through the Intern-Led Clinic is currently accepting new clients!

Finding an affordable social worker who truly understands your symptoms is a frustrating process.

Everyone living with OCD experiences difficulty finding the right help.

Past attempts at finding help have resulted in a countless number of thought records, looking for evidence to support or disprove your thoughts (we call this a compulsion), or asking your therapist if you really are a bad person (we call that seeking reassurance).  

That’s why we developed OCD-Informed Practice ™. We know the barriers that get in your way of seeking help, and we developed an inexpensive alternative OCD Treatment. 

OCD-Informed Practice ™ can help you understand how to overcome OCD.

After years of the wrong kind of support, you feel validated, understood and can now move forward with recovery. 

Research suggests talking about OCD symptoms in an environment that understands how the disorder functions is beneficial to mental health

You deserve the opportunity to overcome OCD.

Whether you are living with OCD and finances have prevented you from accessing ERP therapy, or you want to learn how you can support a loved one who is struggling with OCD, you deserve a space to feel understood.

How does OCD-Informed Practice™ work?

OCD-Informed Practice ™ is run by our Intern-Led Clinic (ILC). Interns at OCD North are MSW (Master of Social Work) graduate students, working under the supervision of expert ERP therapists.

The ILC provides a safe place to share openly about OCD without judgement. You can expect to receive OCD-informed emotional support, tools to help you overcome OCD, assistance navigating community referrals, and help to implement effective coping strategies for caregivers and supportive family members.

OCD-Informed Practice ™ FAQs

OCD-Informed counselling is provided by our enthusiastic and skilled interns, who are registered social workers in the process of earning a master’s level social work degree. Our intern therapists have specialized training in OCD and evidence-based therapies, ensuring that treatment is appropriately designed to provide you with the support you need while overcoming OCD.

If you are a resident of Ontario, Alberta, or Newfoundland & Labrador, you can access services at our ILC. Whether you are living with OCD or are a family member of someone struggling with OCD, we are here to help

  1. Promote OCD awareness. 
  2. Recognize OCD symptoms are diverse and affect everyone differently. 
  3. View OCD as separate from oneself, encouraging freedom from OCD. 
  4. Identify OCD recovery as the primary goal. 
  5. Create a space for a shared understanding of OCD and its impacts on the individual. 
  6. Promote hope and believe recovery from OCD is possible. 
  7. Familiarize clients with Exposure and Response Prevention services. 
  8. Provide strategies that will not exacerbate symptoms.

OCD-Informed therapy is right for you if you are living with OCD and finances have prevented you from accessing ERP therapy, or you want to learn how to best support a loved one struggling with OCD. To learn more about what ERP therapy is, click here.

Our rate is $70 per session.

In most situations, OCD-Informed therapy is covered under extended health benefits. Look for MSW, RSW on your benefit packages. In addition, social workers are included on the federal Medical Expense Tax Credit and are exempt from tax.

Your intern therapist will recommend a frequency of sessions based on your unique situation. Sessions are no more than once per week at the ILC.

Free Consultation

Contact us today to schedule a complementary 15-minute telephone or video consultation to learn more about how OCD-Informed Counselling can serve individuals in Ontario, Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador like you!
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