Calm, Comfortable, and Engaging Experience: My First Day at OCD North

Calm, Comfortable, and Engaging Experience:  My First Day at OCD North

Attendance at the OCD North training day was informative and engaging. As a new team member, I was invited to participate in the 1-day event. The purpose was to ensure that new team members have a thorough understanding of the therapy used to treat OCD and its usefulness in OCD recovery and freeing those suffering from the life-limiting effects of OCD. Being new to ERP therapy, I appreciated the introduction and the presentation style.

Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted and seated around a table in the meeting area. The space is particularly comfortable and calming. Merrisa and Shaina began the presentation by reviewing the common terms used in OCD North’s practice. This brought all members of the training session into a common understanding, especially since we all came from varied backgrounds of understanding. Some jargon can be unfamiliar, so this review was particularly helpful in setting a foundation for the rest of the day’s comprehension.

As a group, we then learned about obsessions and compulsions and the importance of identifying them – a key component in ensuring successful treatment outcomes. Exposure Response and Prevention (ERP) therapy was the next topic of conversation. This included gaining an understanding of the theories that support ERP, the protocol for ERP, and how to apply it to practice. ERP is intended to help the client, over time, gain control over OCD and build their ability to do so with autonomy. With the goal of OCD recovery maintenance, ERP therapists are available to clients for booster sessions. ERP is such an effective therapy for OCD that the goal of a therapist is for clients to no longer need the services of OCD North.

Overall, the training session was excellent. It provided an opportunity for 3 new members of the team to feel warmly welcomed. It helped us all in understanding OCD and ERP therapy. And finally, it allowed us to feel integrated into an already successful environment. I am certain that the training session has provided me with a solid foundation for my practicum and future practice at OCD North in helping clients overcome the life-limiting effects of OCD. This training session was an excellent way to start my experience at OCD North.

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Our clinicians are OCD and Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) specialists. We understand OCD as it manifests in the pediatric and adult populations, families, schools, and the workplace. We utilize ERP to break the cycle of OCD individually and systemically to help you achieve your goals. Read more about our services.

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