I’m Worried I’ll Hurt Someone!

I’m Worried I’ll Hurt Someone!

One of the common types of OCD is called “Harm OCD.”  When a person has unwanted thoughts or worries about harming another person or themselves and checks repeatedly to ensure they are unharmed, we can look to Harm OCD as a cause.

For example, OCD can cause a person who is repeatedly worried they hit someone with their car to look back in the rear-view mirror each time they hit a bump to ensure there is no one lying on the road behind them. This could evolve into turning the car around repeatedly to reassure themselves that no one was hurt.

Another example of Harm OCD is illustrated by a person concerned that they will burn the house down. To reassure themselves this is not going to occur, they repeatedly check that the stove and oven are off.

Recovery is possible!  We have seen and treated many cases of Harm OCD.  Whether or not you have Harm OCD or another type of OCD, recovery is possible.

Do you or someone you know spend too much time checking to reassure that nothing bad has happened?  If so, OCD North can help. Book a FREE 15-minute consultation with one of our ERP therapists to get started on your OCD recovery journey!

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