Goals for 2021

Goals for 2021

Happy New Year, OCD North Community! We are thrilled to begin a new year and can’t wait for what is in store. Of course, with a new year comes new goals. Here are some of our suggestions for you to work towards this year:

Acknowledge your fears, and challenge them. It’s okay to be afraid. Everyone deals with fears of all kinds. This year, let’s aim to challenge our fears instead of giving in to them! Our fear doesn’t have to control us.

Remind yourself daily that you are stronger than you think. It often feels like we can’t do the hard things in front of us and that we’ll crumble under pressure. But let’s be real – had someone told us all the difficult things we would live through last year, would we have believed it? And now here we are, on the other side! You did that. So yes, you are indeed stronger than you think.

Don’t believe everything your brain tells you… sometimes it’s wrong! Just because our brains are the center for information doesn’t mean that all the information is 100% correct, 100% of the time. It’s okay to evaluate your thoughts and decide if it’s truth, or just your brain messing with you.

Allow yourself to feel those unwanted feelings, and let them pass. Don’t avoid them! The only way to rise above our unwanted feelings, intrusive thoughts, and worries is by experiencing them. Especially with OCD, avoiding these thoughts, or trying to relieve them only makes them come back stronger. But the good news is, when you allow yourself to feel unwanted feelings – as uncomfortable as they are – they will eventually pass.

Ask for help when you need it. 2021 is the year of getting help when you need it! Whether that’s help with a project at work, help with your kids, or seeking professional help for your mental health, this year, let’s be kind to ourselves and be okay with asking for help.

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