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OCD Treatment For Teens

What is it like for someone with OCD?

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a mental health condition that can be challenging to live with. People with OCD experience persistent, intrusive thoughts (obsessions) that cause anxiety and engage in repetitive behaviours or mental acts (compulsions) to alleviate that anxiety. OCD in teens is a common experience.

Intrusive Thoughts

Individuals with OCD often have distressing and irrational thoughts that won’t leave them alone.


To ease the anxiety caused by those thoughts (obsessions), they might find themselves doing certain rituals or behaviours.


Managing OCD can be time-consuming and take up big chunks of your day.

Impact on Daily Life

OCD can interfere with daily activities, making even simple tasks difficult.

Stress and Anxiety

It can lead to high stress and anxiety levels.

How can OCD affect school?

Academic Performance

OCD can lead cause concentration, assignments, and effective studying to be a struggle.

Social Isolation

Teens might feel isolated, alone, or like an outsider compared to their peers who don’t understand OCD.


For some with severe OCD, school might be missed due to their compulsions or anxiety.


There might be a fear of being judged or labelled, which can be pretty distressing.

How can OCD affect Work?

Teens might have trouble focusing on their jobs due to those nagging, time-consuming, intrusive thoughts.

Compulsions or rituals can be time-consuming and bring on even more anxiety, which can mess with one’s ability to complete their work tasks or affect their job performance overall.

Some teens might put off tasks to avoid triggering obsessions or having to do compulsions, leading to missed deadlines and reduced performance. 

 Extra stress and anxiety make everything hard. Productivity, decision-making, and relationships with others are all impacted.

In severe cases, OCD might make you feel too anxious or overwhelmed to go to work, which means more skipped shifts. 

Fear of judgement by coworkers or supervisors can cause a sense of isolation at the workplace.

Making work friends can be harder when you’re trying to hide or minimize the OCD or are feeling anxious in social situations.

Some teens with severe OCD may find it challenging to pursue certain careers or occupations that may be less accommodating to their needs.

How does OCD affect my social life?


Teens with OCD may isolate themselves from social activities to avoid triggers or compulsions.

Stigma and Misunderstanding

Friends and peers might not understand OCD, leading to stigma or misunderstanding.

Anxiety in Social Settings

Social interactions can trigger anxiety in individuals with OCD.

OCD vs. Anxiety

A disorder with pesky obsessions and rituals (compulsions) that work together to reduce anxiety. But that relief is short-lived, and people often feel stuck.
A general term for excessive worry or fear. It’s a lot like OCD when it comes to feelings of discomfort and distress. But anxiety is different than OCD because it doesn’t come with urges to do rituals.
Common types of OCD themes

OCD comes in all sorts of themes. Some common ones include (but are not limited to):

Contamination OCD: Fear of germs, dirt, feeling gross, or getting sick.
Checking OCD: Always feeling the need to double (or triple or quadruple) check things like locks and appliances or engaging in safety measures.
Harm OCD: Worries about causing harm to yourself or others.
Symmetry OCD: A strong need for everything to be balanced.
Religious or Moral OCD: Obsessions about religious or moral concerns or being a bad person.

Our Therapists Treating Teens.

Teens dealing with OCD can seek professional help and get support from loved ones. Exposure and Response Prevention Treatment is the go-to treatment for OCD, and it can give you the upper hand in managing your symptoms.

Want to know more about receiving ERP treatment? Check out these OCD experts who see teen clients like you!

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