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OCD is like a bully in your brain.

When you have a worry thought stuck in your head (obsession), it makes you feel anxious, uncomfortable, nervous, or afraid. OCD bullies you into thinking that you must do what it says (compulsion) to get rid of the uncomfortable feelings. The bully lets you feel better for a little bit, but pretty soon, it’s demanding you to do things all over again, and you’re going round and round a big cycle!

Keep reading to learn more about OCD in kids.

What is OCD?

OCD stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

OCD Obsessions
An obsession is a worry thought - something that your brain gets stuck on and you spend time worrying about. Obsessions make you uncomfortable and anxious. An obsession can be a thought, an image in your head, or a feeling.
OCD Compulsions
A compulsion is a behaviour you do to get rid of the worry thoughts and uncomfortable feelings. It doesn’t always have to make sense, but when you do it, you feel better. Unfortunately, compulsions only help you feel better for a little bit. Soon, you're worried all over again!
What worry thoughts (obsessions) can my brain get ‘stuck’ on?
Worrying about you or a loved one getting sick
Worrying about someone dying
Worrying about being dirty or having germs
Worrying about bad things happening
Worrying about hurting yourself or hurting someone else
Worrying that you don’t love your family or friends
Worrying that you are a bad person
What kind of things can my brain tell me I have to do (compulsions) to get ‘unstuck’?
Check things over and over
Ask the same questions repeatedly
Touch, tap, or rub things in a specific way
Placing things or doing things in the correct order
Wash or clean over and over until it feels clean
Re-do things over and over until it feels right
Avoid things that seem scary or dangerous, even if others are doing it
Not letting others touch my things and avoiding touching things that other people use

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope, lots of kids have OCD! Here at OCD North, we see kids every day who have to deal with the OCD bully. And guess what? We help those kids beat the OCD bully so that it doesn’t bother them anymore, and they don’t feel ‘stuck’

If you think you might have OCD and want to get better:

  1. Tell an adult you trust that you are stuck on worry thoughts or doing compulsions
  2. Get professional help. Find an OCD expert (that’s us!) so that you can learn skills to help you beat the OCD bully and get rid of those sticky, worry thoughts.
  3. Start standing up to the OCD bully. When the OCD bully gets you stuck on an OCD thought, try these tricks out:
    • Say, “oh well,” “maybe,” or “I don’t care” to the what-if worry thoughts
    • Do the opposite of what the OCD bully wants (for example, if OCD bully wants you to count to 10, count to 7 instead!)
    • Call the OCD bully out - remind OCD that you don’t listen to bullies!

You or your parents might notice…

  • …that you’re having lots of worry thoughts that make you feel ‘stuck,’ uncomfortable, or afraid
  • …that you’re repeating behaviours a lot, seem worried and uncomfortable often, or don’t want to do certain things because they make you upset or anxious

Above all, remember that OCD in kids is common - it's okay to be experiencing this, and it's nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of. 


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