CBT vs. Ex/RP – What’s the Difference?

CBT vs. Ex/RP – What’s the Difference?

Here’s the story: You hear that someone can help treat your OCD using Cognitive – Behavioural Therapy or, CBT. The problem is that CBT is a very big umbrella term encompassing a wide variety of techniques. One technique of CBT in particular works for Obsessive – Compulsive Disorder. Only one. It’s Exposure and Ritual Prevention. You need to ensure Ex/RP is a specialization for the provider in question, because it is a highly specialized treatment (new blog post on this coming soon)!

Typical CBT techniques do not work for OCD – I discussed these in more detail in my previous blog post.

Ex/RP is the gold standard treatment for OCD. Do not just take my word for it: there is plenty of research demonstrating its effectiveness. Look for articles under the News section of my website, or Google it!

In summary – CBT is an umbrella term that covers a lot. Ex/RP is specialized treatment for OCD.

Read About Our OCD Treatment Options.

Our clinicians are OCD and Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) specialists. We understand OCD as it manifests in the pediatric and adult populations, families, schools, and the workplace. We utilize ERP to break the cycle of OCD individually and systemically to help you achieve your goals. Read more about our services.

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