Can Group Therapy Help me with OCD?

For some, the idea of participating in group therapy can feel intimidating- and rightfully so! It is common to feel nervous about sharing one’s story with strangers, especially if it is your first group therapy experience. However, a group therapy environment can be extremely rewarding and transformational. 

Therapy groups are led by trained clinicians with expertise in the group’s topic. The therapist regulates who can join, provides psychoeducation, and guides the group as they learn to apply new skills. There are guidelines that each member is expected to follow to ensure the group environment provides a safe and confidential space to learn, reflect, and build skills with others who face similar difficulties. 

At OCD North, our adult ERP Group is led by an ERP therapist. The group allows members to understand how OCD impacts their lives and explores the foundations of Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP or Ex/RP) therapy. Together, group members learn to identify their core fears, uncover how compulsions reinforce fears and strengthen OCD symptoms, and create exposures to practice tolerating distress without engaging in unhelpful behaviours. 

The ERP Group is a cost-effective way to access the gold standard OCD treatment. If one-on-one OCD therapy is out of your budget, the ERP group offers a more affordable way to receive effective support. 

Some of the most comforting words are “me too.” That moment when you realize that your struggle is also someone else’s struggle – that you’re not alone. It’s powerful and encouraging to travel on a treatment journey together. 

To learn more about how our adult ERP group can help you in overcoming OCD and to register, please Contact us.

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