Meet The OCD North Team

Located in Barrie, Ontario, our team is a growing group of commited individuals from a wide range of different backgrounds. We were brought together by our passion to provide the best treatment available for our clients:  Exposure and Response Prevention. Continue reading to learn a little more about us.

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Merrisa Bragg Clinician


Merrisa Bragg MSW, RSW, is the founder of OCD North.  

Merrisa is the first Canadian certified in Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) for the treatment of OCD by the Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety at the University of Pennsylvania, Faculty of Medicine. She is the founder of Canada’s first privately funded and specialized OCD clinic. Merrisa has helped hundreds of children, adults and their families find a path to recovery through exposure and response prevention and family-based treatment. Her joy comes from empowering individuals and parents by teaching them how to live with and overcome OCD and what to do about it while instilling confidence to tackle their own unique hurdles to have a bright and successful future.

Fun-Fact: Merrisa is also an avid runner and loves boating on the Georgian Bay

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Alyssa Donato Clinic Manager


Alyssa is the oil to our machine and our clients love her. Alyssa puts 100% effort into our clinic and it's that commitment that our clients and staff really appreciate about her. Alyssa is a trained doula and early childhood educator.

Fun-Fact: When Merrisa called her references, another clinic owner told her to "hire her."

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April Vass Clinician


April Vass MSW, RSW.

April is a Social Worker at OCD North trained in Exposure and Response Prevention for the treatment of OCD. 

April's social work career has been in the mental health field, supporting those in crisis in the community and hospital setting. During her career, April has learned about the immense impact OCD has on one's life and that recovery is possible with proper treatment!

April supports adolescents, adults, families, and, couples navigate OCD recovery. April hopes to teach individuals how to become their own champions in their recovery process using ERP.

Fun-Fact: April enjoys spending time in the gym and loves hiking local trails in the summer and fall seasons.

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Shaina Charles Marketing Director


Shaina is an MSW student with an undergraduate degree in Psychology.

Shaina was introduced to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and ERP therapy while completing her practicum at OCD North and quickly developed a desire to advocate for this community.

Shaina is excited to use her creativity and social work education as tools to raise awareness on OCD and to create resources that will add value to the lives of individuals and families affected by OCD who need community and empowerment. Shaina wants to make sure that education and resources on OCD are accessible, relevant, and meaningful!

Fun Fact: Shaina is an avid reader, loves to doodle, and is teaching herself calligraphy!


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