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Welcome to the Clinic

OCD North is a clinic in Barrie, Ontario, specializing in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviours.  We are a small practice with a big vision for the community we serve, providing the gold-standard best-practice treatment for OCD – Exposure and Response Prevention.  

Our Vision

  • A safe space for individuals living with OCD that consistently offers competent and authentic care, fosters a sense of community, and highlights integrity and transparency in all aspects of client care.

Our Mission

  • To create a community that values inclusivity and strives to empower and motivate others in a safe environment where individuals and families can feel supported, understood, and hopeful about overcoming OCD.

Our Internal Mission

  • To create a culture of motivation and collaboration in which staff, students, and volunteers feel open to expressing vulnerability and accepting accountability; to collectively and individually provide care that is impactful and highlights healthy balance in our lives and the lives of our clients.