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Providing OCD treatment options for kids and support for families.

A community that emphasizes validation rather than isolation for kids and families living through the OCD experience and encourages and celebrates taking control over one’s mental health.

Kids can be confident that while OCD and their mental health impact who they are, it does not define them!

To offer education, support, and advocacy to kids, teens, and parents affected by OCD daily.

Our Therapists Treating Kids.

Located in Barrie, Ontario, our team is a growing group of committed individuals from a wide range of different backgrounds. We were brought together by our passion to provide the best treatment available for our clients. We're here to provide OCD treatment for kids - and across the lifespan.

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Ontario, Alberta, Newfoundland, & Manitoba

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OCD Kids Peer Support Program

Created for kids up to age 17, the OCD Kids Peer Support Program pairs kids with lived experience with OCD and their families, creating a network of normalization, support, and friendship. Time and again, OCD North has recognized that kids feel isolated, alone, and like they’re the only ones facing such big worries and fears. Furthermore, families and caregivers are often left feeling lost and isolated as well. Through the OCD Kids Peer Support Program, both kids and parents alike have the opportunity to cultivate new friendships, gain support, and meet others who share in their unique yet familiar experience.

OCD treatment options for kids.

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