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OCD North Guidelines for Essential In-Person Treatment 

To our valued community: 

Premier Doug Ford announced restrictions today that affect the work we do. In an effort to provide everyone with clarity, the following guidelines are in effect immediately: 

Therapists at OCD North have the right to decide if they will continue to see clients in-person. If your therapist decides to shift their practice online, you will be contacted by your therapist or our clinic. You will be given the option to move services to our secure video interface, or wait to resume services in-person. You and your therapist can discuss which option works best for you. 

If your therapist continues to see clients in-person, the following guidelines apply: 

● Therapists, staff, and clients are required to wear a mask at all times, while in the OCD North building. Exceptions to this rule include when a therapist is in their dedicated work space, alone, with the door closed, or in a video session in their dedicated work space, alone, with the door closed. 

● We continue to disinfect all high touch surfaces including: doorknobs, handrails, toilet seats and taps. 

● If your therapist is seeing you in person, rest assured that your therapist is fully vaccinated. 

Therapists, clients and staff are not to arrive for their in-session appointments if they are symptomatic. This includes symptoms of a cold, cough, fever, etc. Symptomatic staff, therapists and clients are asked to refrain from in-person sessions until they have been asymptomatic for 5 days, per the Ontario guidelines released on December 26, 2021. 

If you have any questions about these guidelines, please do not hesitate to contact our clinic.